Fitness Challenge
A vision of healthy people, living in healthy communities.

Regional Healthcare Foundation
2018 “TRI” Team Fitness Challenge

Winners Announcement

1st Place Team – Alpha Dawgs ($1,000 Prize)
J.T. Brehmer
Dalton Jackson

2nd Place Team – Losers Inc.  ($500 Prize)
Travis Adams
Bob Thrower
Marc Thrower

3rd Place Team – Treading Heavy  ($250)
Brenda Condict
Krystal Condict
Robert Condict

                                Individual Prize ($250) – Person Who Lost Most Pounds
                        Dalton Jackson lost 63.0 pounds

                       Other outstanding records included:
                        One participant who lost 50.6 pounds
                          Two participants who lost 46.8 pounds
                         One participant who lost 41.4 pounds
                        One participant who lost 40.6 pounds
1st Place Team- Left to Right - Dalton
Jackson, Marilyn Brehmer, J.T. Brehmer