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Mother-to-Mother testimonials

Our Mother-to-Mother program has been able to support and uplift so many families in Stoddard County through the years. We wanted to highlight some stories that were shared with us from current and past participants. 

I joined mother to mother during a season in my life where I was learning how to take care of my children alone while their father went to John 3:16 Ministries. I didn’t realize starting out how much of an impact this program would have on me and my family. I truly feel a part of something and cared about. I know my children are cared about too. They offer fun ways to be able to purchase items of necessity in the baby boutique and even help hold us accountable with questions that allow you earn baby bucks. There’s been informational videos I’ve got to watch that have been helpful as well. My husband got out of rehab just recently and we got to attend our first monthly activity together at Mother to Mother and we truly enjoyed spending time together as a family. I have learned that it is ok to accept help during difficult seasons in your life. People are put in your path for a reason and through this program I have been blessed in many ways. I would recommend this program to any Mom out there that wants to feel apart of something. Wether that is for encouragement, help with items needed for your children wether that’s baby equipment/food/clothes/hygiene items/diapers/wipes, help finding employment/GED, etc. These ladies who work here have a desire to help and I’m thankful for them and all that they’ve done for my family and I.

Hello, my name is Nicole and I have been in Mother-to-Mother since 2019. I joined Mother-to-Mother as a scared mom, worried about how I was gonna manage physically and financially with how expensive a baby really is. This program not only welcome me with open arms they assisted me in joining other programs as well that would help my child with development from birth on.
If you need somewhere to walk into and have zero judgement this is the place to be. They explained everything to me and helped me through what felt like the hardest time of my life becoming a mom is beyond joyful but also extremely scary.
While in Mother-to-Mother with my first child I got pregnant with my second. These ladies raised my scared spirit into a joyful “I got this” spirit just with their kind words and joyful smiles. I have never felt so comfortable around a group of women as they make me feel. The ladies at Mother-to-Mother don’t only assist you with providing for a new baby they became what I call great friends! I would recommend Mother-to-Mother to every mom I know!

{Adri} was asked what her favorite thing about Mother-to-Mother is?
She responded, "The support! Emotional, educational, and resource-related.
I joined M2M while I was pregnant. Everyone was so supportive and continued to check in with me to make sure I had everything I needed. There were times I was worried about up-coming appointments and just the normal worries of pregnancy, and everyone was so kind to listen to me talk and continue to pray for me and the babies. 
My husband and I took the safe sleep class, and I took a few prenatal classes, and we learned a lot! There’s so much that we still refer to now! With these being our first babies, there’s things that we never even thought about that we would’ve had a tough time finding an answer for at 3AM. The mentors at Mother to Mother can and have connected us to and provided us with so many resources. I had absolutely no maternity clothing and maternity clothes are so expensive!! I was so thankful that they had some maternity clothes for me! Someone had donated a very nice breast pump right around the time I was about to give up pumping and breast feeding because my milk supply was dropping. I was not responding well to the pump I had gotten through insurance and one of my babies were having trouble latching. I remember driving to my incentive appointment with M2M, telling my husband I didn’t know what else to try. I walked into the baby boutique and saw the pump that so many people had told me to try but was way out of my budget! We’ve now made it to 8 months of pumping and breastfeeding!! The food pantry is such a blessing as well. There’s been several times when the babies were small that I needed staple items and hadn’t been to the store in weeks. I asked my mentor if I could come shop that week and I was able to get diapers, paper towels, beans, noodles, toilet paper, soap, detergent and many other things, all while the mentors helped hold my babies. There’s no one doing that at Walmart! The support through Mother-to-Mother has been such a blessing in my family’s lives."